Meet Leo.

A lover of the outdoors and all things that go fast, conceptual Canadian director Leo Zuckerman is perpetually chasing and reinventing ways to capture that special brand of lightning in a bottle.
Leo’s interest in filmmaking began at age 11, shooting rudimentary skateboard videos on the first iterations of digital point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders.  
After high school, Leo moved to the west coast, magnetized by plans for big-mountain adventures and in pursuit of a BFA in film production at UBC. It was during this time that he wrangled his brothers to shoot an off the cuff mountain biking video. The earnest film caught fire on the internet and, from the flames was born the first of many Vimeo Staff Picks to come. 
An affinity for action and extreme sports, coupled with being an experienced skier had a clear impact on Leo’s directorial path as he organically met the founders behind Sherpas Cinema, quite literally, on a mountainside. Leo joined the team as an editor and received his first induction into the commercial world. 
Leo is best known for his work with global brands including Lexus, Samsung, Nike, Adidas, Hyundai and Toyota.
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